"Empty Your Cup"

Experience tea as it has been done for hundreds of years in its mother country, China. Tea lovers can get a real connection to the essence and effects of camellia sinensis by drinking it in the traditional manner. This way, called kungu or gongfu, is simple to learn, very portable and tremendous fun for young and old.
We feature pure and potent teas straight from family farms in pristine locations across China and Taiwan. There are no added flavors and no chemicals and pesticides used on any of our tea. Every single tea we sell is one we have drank and shared with our closest friends and family.
Our tea room has its own mountain spring and alkaline ionized hydrogen rich ultra water for the best brewing possible. We are always working to expand our offerings and we have even begun to grow our own tea… which will be something that evolves very slowly - as it should!

Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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From our family to yours

We truly look forward to sharing the beauty, tranquility, and opportunity for connection that this beloved place has to offer!