Bemer Therapy is one of the most unique class II medical devices to be approved in the history of pulsed EMF therapy. Via a proprietary frequency known as the Bemer signal, users can in one 8 minute session stimulate the entire micro-circulation for up to eight hours.
This therapy, used in European hospitals for over twenty years, is now taking American athletes, retirees, top equestrian teams and everyone else who tries it by storm. The implications for those who wish to extend lifespan, recover from any injury or illness, and forge new paths to the best health are astounding. Just two 8 minute sessions per day can have the old feeling new and those training for personal bests into new records.
One NATO hospital in Europe sees over 300 Bemer therapy appointments for allied troops per day. NASA is building new spacesuits with these special frequencies integrated within. American athletes are shattering records. Bemer is used by our entire family, our friends, our pets and visitors. It is an essential therapy here.

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Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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