Doterra essential oils are among the finest quality of essential oil in the world.

Their essential oils are featured in our signature hand & body soap. We love the versatile uses of essential oils for cleaning, balancing emotions, massage, bug repellent, and so much more!

Our Zyto scans include the entire collection of Doterra products as balancing items, and we offer very affordable mini-scans of exclusively Doterra products. This way, without having to smell and compare hundreds of aromas, you can know which oils will be most bio-compatible and resonant for your wellbeing immediately.

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Starting in March we will be hosting monthly Doterra events where our community can come together, drink tea, and explore these oils in more depth. Folks will have the opportunity to take a Doterra Zyto scan and leave with a sample vial of their top oil!

Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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