Blushield EMF Protection

We protect our family's health - at home and on the road - on a cellular level from the hazards of harmful radiation present in our environment from all types of devices and technologies.
EMFs from sources like cell phones, wifi, cell towers, and ungrounded electrical wiring, to name a few, produce repetitive, oscillating, polarized frequences utterly foreign to biological living organisms. Nature produces EMFs that occur in natural, coherent and infinitely variable patterns essential to healthy life. Unfortunately, the amplitude of manmade EMFs are so powerful that they drown out more subtle natural frequencies.
Blushield technology works by imitating natural EMFs in both variety and type, producing coherent, resonant frequencies within the human responsiveness range. It creates fields powerful enough to essentially "drown out" biologically weak and incoherent EMFs. Since the body will naturally attune to harmonious frequencies, with Blushield we stop perceiving manmade EMFs as a threat and begin to rest, restore and heal.
Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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