At Stackhouse, being natural is of utmost importance.
Here you will never encounter the harmful effects of sanitizers, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. Instead we use state-of-the-art air purification systems that are both safe and effective.
Spring water runs through our faucets and you have the option to drink hydrogen rich, alkaline, restructured water courtesy of our Alkaviva water ionizer.
We use Doterra's top quality products for laundering, cleaning, diffusing, and more.
Protection from the invisible yet profound damage that manmade EMFs cause is another incredibly valuable and unique gift we share with you via Blushield technology here at Stackhouse.
Schedule a fifteen minute session on our Bemer PEMF healing mat to bring your body's circulatory system into optimal functioning.
Or try our favorite service, Zyto therapy - a holistic and comprehensive program that identifies and neutralizes both physical and emotional stressors while providing recommendations of supplements and therapies to bring further balance and harmony into your life.

Our services will continue to expand as Stackhouse Village grows!

Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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From our family to yours

We truly look forward to sharing the beauty, tranquility, and opportunity for connection that this beloved place has to offer!