Stackhouse Family

Jeffrey Godfrey


Jeff is responsible for the direction and stewardship of Stackhouse Village. He can be found assisting guests with our many services and sites at the Stackhouse, the adjacent greenhouse /outdoor recreation property and the new farm site in Tennessee. The tea room is his temple and Stackhouse his oasis.


Willow Godfrey


Willow is our plant-propagating musical mama. She enthusiastically provides healthy baked goods and advice on cooking for optimal digestion. She is responsible for making the Stackhouse a home; safe, nourishing and sane for our family and friends. Always alert to new ways of bringing beauty and spirit to our offerings and our property, she is the heart of our family retreat.

John Campbell


Otherwise known as “Johnny Baseball” or Johnson…John is our family bean counter and chicken whisperer. He handles accounting and bookkeeping for the Stackhouse, our family and his various clients. He is also the chief investor in the newly acquired farm acreage we hope to see producing healthy food for our family and guests for many years to come. John is the king of the horseshoe pits and our residential sports expert…go ahead try and stump him on baseball.

Bai Ji Guan

Bai Ji Guan

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From our family to yours

We truly look forward to sharing the beauty, tranquility, and opportunity for connection that this beloved place has to offer!